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本文摘要:中考温习 单词 (七上-九下)Aable adj. 有能力的句型:be able to do(可以变换时态,不能跟can共用)变形:unable adj. 没有能力的 disabled adj. 残疾的ability n. 能力 disability n. 残疾,缺陷above prep. 在……的上面,表现楼层上方I live above you. 我住在你家楼上。


中考温习 单词 (七上-九下)Aable adj. 有能力的句型:be able to do(可以变换时态,不能跟can共用)变形:unable adj. 没有能力的 disabled adj. 残疾的ability n. 能力 disability n. 残疾,缺陷above prep. 在……的上面,表现楼层上方I live above you. 我住在你家楼上。也可以表现温度上的凌驾 above zero反义词:below辨析:over 正上方 on 在上面(接触)abroad adv. 外洋 go abroad 去外洋 be abroad 在外洋absent adj. 缺席的短语:be absent from 缺席……变形:absence n. 缺席accept vt. 接受辨析:receive vt. 收到accident n. 事故短语:car accidents 交通事故 do sth. by accident 碰巧做某事according to 凭据(to是介词)according to sth./doing sth.achieve vt. 获得短语:achieve a balance between A and B 在A和B之间获得一个平衡变形:achievement n. 成就(可数)act vi. 行动变形:action n. 行动 active adj. 活跃的 inactive adj. 不活跃的actively adv. 活跃地 inactively adv. 不活跃地vt. 演出变形:actor n. 男演员 actress n. 女演员action n. 行动短语:take action to do 接纳行动做某事变形:act v. 行动 act to doactive adj. 活跃的,努力的变形:actively inactive inactively activityadmire vt. 佩服,仰慕admire sb. for sth. 因……佩服某人advantage n. 优势(可数)变形:disadvantage n. 劣势advise vt. 建议 advise sb. to do sth.变形:advice n. 建议(不行数) some advice on sth.辨析:suggest vt. 建议 suggest doingsuggestion n. 建议(可数)afford vt. 负担得起,买得起短语:afford sth. 买得起某物 afford to do sth. 做得起某事一般与can’t或couldn’t连用against prep. 阻挡,靠着短语:do sth. against the law 做违反执法的事情 stand against the wall 靠墙站着be against doing sth. 阻挡做某事age n. 年事at the age of 12 在12岁(注意12后面就不能再加years old)表达年事的方式:in one’s twenties/thirties....at the age of +数字when sb. be XX years oldagree vi. 同意短语:agree to do 同意做某事 agree with sb. 赞同某人agree on sth. 在……告竣一致变形:agreement n. 一致 agree= be in agreementalive adj. 在世的(表语形容词,只能放系动词后)辨析:lively adj. 生动的,生动的 变形:livelier liveliestlive adj. & adv. 现场的 live show be covered liveliving n. 生存,生活 make a livingall的短语总结:all over 广泛 all day long 一整天 all year round 一整年all the time 一直 at all times 总是 all right 好吧above all 首要的是 first of all 首先 after all 究竟allow vt. 允许短语:allow sb. to do sth. (注意被动:sb. be allowed to do 被允许做某事)already adv. 已经 (现在完成时)辨析:yet already用于肯定句,置于have和done中间或者句末yet用于否认句或者疑问句,置于句末amazing adj. 令人受惊的变形:amazed adj. 感应受惊的 amazement n. 受惊ancient adj. 古代的another pron. 另一个,表泛指 another + 可数名词单数考点:another + 数字=数字+more 表现再来XX个辨析:other 泛指,其他的,加名词复数或者不行数名词others 泛指,指其他的工具或者别人,自己表现复数,后面不能加任何词the other 特指两其中的另一个,或后面加名词复数表现一个规模内剩下的所有。the others 特指一个规模内剩下的所有,后面不能再加名词,自己表复数。


如:I don’t like this pair of shoes, can you show me another pair?Some people like playing basketball, while other people like playing football.Some people like playing basketball, while others like playing football.Where are the other students? (注意有了one’s就不能加the,如:It’s in my other hand.)There are 20 teachers in our grade. 8 of them are men teachers, while the others are women teachers.anything 任何事 anyone 任何人 anybody 任何人 anywhere 任何地方复合不定代词:1) 看做三单 2) 形容词放在后面3) 可以把else放在后面表现其他……用于肯定句表现任何:Anyone can borrow books from here. 任何人都可以从这儿借书。I can go anywhere. 我可以去任何地方。

用于否认句和疑问句代词some: Is there anything wrong with your computer?There isn’t anything wrong with your computer.= There is nothing wrong with your computer.appear vi. 泛起(没有被动语态)变形:disappear vi. 消失 appearance n. 泛起,露面,外貌arrive vi. 到达 arrive in + 大所在 arrive at +小所在arrive here/there/home同义短语:reach +所在 get to +所在 (get here/there/home)区别:没有所在,只能用arrive I have arrived.artist n. 艺术家变形:art n. 艺术-ist后缀:tourist 旅行家 pianist 钢琴家 dentist 牙医as prep. 作为短语:be famous as 作为……著名 Lu Xun is famous as a writer.辨析:be famous for 因为……着名 Lu Xun is famous for his books.conj. 随着……(引导时间状语从句)As time goes by, he realizes his growth.既然,由于(引导原因状语从句)Come and play, as you are here.短语和句型:as a result 效果是 as....as.....和……一样……not as ....as.... 不如……怎样 as...as possible 尽可能……as good as 简直,和……一样 as well as 而且,和as soon as 一……就……(时态规则主将从现,或者主过从过)asleep adj. 睡着的短语:fall asleep (对应延续性动词be asleep)辨析:sleepy adj. 困倦的 feel sleepyattend vt. 到场,出席attend meetings attend school attend the lesson辨析:join + 组织/人 加入 take part in +运动/角逐 到场attention n. 注意力短语:pay attention to (to是介词,后加sth.或者doing sth.)catch/attract one’s attention 引起某人的注意bring sb. to the attention of 使……引起了……的注意attract vt. 吸引变形:attractive adj. 有吸引力的 attraction n. 吸引力,景点辨析:attack vt. 攻击Australia n. 澳大利亚变形:Australian adj. 澳大利亚的 n. 澳大利亚人avoid vt. 制止 avoid doingawake adj. 醒着的变形:wake vt. 叫醒 wake-woke-wokenBbase vt. 以……为基础短语:be based on 以……为基础变形:basic adj. 基础的be短语总结:about: be crazy about be worried about be excited about be curious aboutof: be tired of be proud of be tired of be afraid of be full ofbe guilty of be aware ofwith: be satisfied with be bored with be pleased with be happy withbe filled withat: be surprised at be amazed at be good atfor: be late forin: be interested inbe used to doing 习惯于做某事 be of one’s age 与……同龄的because of 由于辨析:because because of +名词短语 because +从句beat vi. 跳动 beat-beat-beatenvt. 打败 beat sb.辨析:win win+角逐 赢得角逐 beat+人 打败人before adv. 以前,已往(放在句末,现在完成时的标志词)如:He has never been there before.conj. 在……之前(引导时间状语从句:主将从现或主过从过)如:I will finish homework before I watch TV.I finished homework before I watched TV.句型:It will be XX years before +从句 表达某件事情要告竣还需要多长时间如:It will be 5 years before the subway is in use in Changzhou.prep. 在……之前 before doing如:You must finish homework before watching TV.beginning n. 开始,起初in the beginning=at first 一开始 at the beginning of 在……的开始below prep. 在……的下面,表现楼层下方I live above you. 我住在你家楼下。也可以表现温度上的低于 blow zero反义词:above辨析:under 正下方best adj. 最好的 the best place/time to doadv. 最 like....best 最喜欢be best known 最为人所知……all the bestbeyond prep. 超出……规模短语:beyond my control beyond my ability beyond the visiting hourgo far beyond 远远凌驾辨析:over表现数量,年事上的凌驾 above是温度上的凌驾bleed vi. 流血 bleed-bled-bled短语:bleed to death 流血致死变形:blood n. 血液(不行数名词)bored adj. 感应无聊的 be bored with 对……厌烦了变形:boring adj. 乏味的,令人无聊的 bore vt. 使……无聊born adj. 天生的短语:a born artistbe born 出生 (一般用已往时)borrow vt. 借来 borrow sth. from sb.辨析:lend vt. 借给 lend sth. to sb.= lend sb. Sth.both conj.&pron. 两个(都)短语和句型:both + 复数:There are many trees on both sides of the road.both+of: Both of the twins like flying kites.both A and B: Both Tom and Jerry like flying kites.辨析:all 三者及以上都 neither 两者都不 either 两者中任取一个none 三者及以上都不break vt. 打破短语:break into 突入(有被动) break down 坏了,抛锚(没有被动)break out 发作(没有被动)变形:broken adj. 坏了的breath n. 呼吸短语:out of breath 上气不接下气 take a deep breath变形:breathe vi. 呼吸 breathe heavilyBritish adj. 英国的 n. 英国人变形:Britain n. 英国but prep. 除了句型:have no choice but to do 别无选择只能做……not....but.... 不是……而是 He is not a teacher but a doctor.注意:but/except/as well as/together with/with放在主语后,谓语动词要用就远原则如:Nobody but the twins is going to Nanjing tomorrow.by prep. 用(强调方式,后只能加名词单数) by car by e-mailprep. 在……旁边 by the riverprep. 被,由 be made by an article by Lu Xun 鲁迅写的文章prep. 到……为止 by +未来时间点 (一般未来时)By+已往时间点 (已往完成时)adv. 经由 pass by 经由短语:by the way 顺便问一下 by oneself 独自 by accident 碰巧Ccall vt. 称谓 call sb. sth.What do you call him? (疑问词不能用how) a boy called Tom 一个叫Tom的男孩vt. 打电话 call sb. back 给某人回电话n. 电话 give you a call 给你打一个电话calm adj. 平静的 keep calmn. 平静v. 平静 calm down 平静下来变形:calmly adv. 平静地cancel vt. 取消,终止(注意已往式和分词要双写l+ed)capital n. 首都the capital of ...care vi. 体贴,关注 care about 体贴,在意 care for 照顾n. 体贴 take care of 照顾词性转换:careful adj. 小心的,认真的 carefully adv. 认真地,仔细地careless adj. 粗心的 carelessly adv. 粗心地 carelessness n. 粗心carry短语:carry on 继续开展,继续下去 carry out 开展,执行cause n. 原因短语:the cause of=the reason for ……的原因/起因vt. 引起,导致=lead tocentre n. 中央 in the centre of变形:central adj. 中央的certain adj. 确定的句型:It is certain that....变形:certainly uncertain uncertainlychallenge n. 挑战(可数)变形:challenging adj. 有挑战性的change vt. 改变句型:change a lot 改变许多:Changzhou has changed a lot over the years.n. 改变(可数) changes in numbers 数量上的变化n. 零钱(不行数) Here’s your change.cheer vi. 欢呼短语:cheer for 为……加油 cheer up 使……振奋变形:cheerful adj. 兴高采烈的choose vt. 选择 choose to do 选择做某事choose sb. as 选择某人继承……变形:choose-chose-chosen名词 choice 选择(可数) have no choice but to do别无选择只能做某事close vt. 关闭 变形:closed adj. 关着的adj. 近的,亲密的 be close to take a close look at变形:close adv. 近的(形象的) sit close toclosely adv. 密切地,亲密地(抽象的) work closelycollect vt. 收集,搜集变形:collection n. 收集物come on 得了吧,快点,加油(表勉励,敦促等语气)come其他短语总结:come up with 想出,提起 come down 崩塌come out 出书变形:coming adj. 即将到来的comfortable adj. 舒服的变形:uncomfortable adj. 不舒服的 comfortably adv. 舒服地common adj. 普通的,平常的辨析:normal adj. 正常的compare vt. 比力短语:compare A to B 把A比作B compare A with B 把A与B做比力句型:Compared with A, B ..... 与A相比,B……complain vi. 诉苦短语:complain about sth. to sb. 向某人诉苦某事变形:complaint n. 诉苦,投诉 complaint letter 投诉信complete vt. 完成 complete doingadj. 完全的,彻底的变形:incomplete 不完全的 completely adv. 完全地,彻底地communicate vt. 交流,外交 communicate with sb. 与某人交流变形:communication n. 交流,外交community n. 社区,小区competition n. 竞赛,角逐,竞争confident adj. 有信心的变形:confidence n. 信心connect vt. 毗连短语:connect sth. to/with sth. 把……毗连到……/把……与……毗连起来动词填空注意谓语非谓语,主动与被动:The computer is connected to the Internet. (谓语被动)The railway connects Shanghai to Nanjing. (谓语主动)The railway connecting Shanghai to Nanjing has been in use. (非谓语主动)The computer connected to the Internet is Jim’s. (非谓语被动)consider vt. 思量短语:consider sb. as .... 认为某人是(注意被动 sb. be considered as ....)consider doing sth. 思量做某事continue vt. 继续continue to do 继续做另一件事 continue doing 继续做刚中断的事情control n. 控制短语:out of control 失控 beyond my control 超出我的控制vt. 控制 (注意已往式,已往分词,现在分词要双写尾字母)conversation n. 谈话correct adj. 正确的变形:correctly incorrect incorrectlycost vt. 花费辨析:take 句型:sth./Doing sth. take sb. some time. It take sb. some time to do sth.(主语必须是事情或者物,只能花时间)spend 句型 sb. spend some time/money (in) doing sth.sb. spend some time/money on sth.(主语必须是人,既能花钱又能花时间)cost 句型:sth./Doing sth. take sb. some money. It cost sb. some money to do sth.(主语必须是事情或者物,只能花钱)pay 句型:sb. pay some money for sth.(主语必须是人,只能花钱)n. 用度,成本 the cost of ……的用度could 情态动词表现能力,是can的已往时:I could swim at the age of 12.表现请求,是委婉语气,不是已往时:Could you tell me +宾语从句(从句时态不降级)表推测,可能性小:It could be Mr. Green.couple n. 几个,一对,伉俪短语:a couple of + 可数名词复数注意:couple做主语表现一对伉俪,谓语动词不用三单。如:The couple are doing housework now.courage n. 勇气(不行数名词)变形:encourage vt. 勉励 encourage sb. to do sth.cover n. 封面,盖子vt. 笼罩 cover .... with be covered in/withvt. 报道 cover...live 现场直播 be covered livevt. 包罗,涉及create vt. 缔造变形:creative adj. 有缔造力的 creation n. 缔造物cross vt. 穿过,从外貌横穿过cross=go across变形:crossing n. 十字路口crowded adj. 拥挤的 more and more crowded变形:crowd vi. 拥挤 n. 人群 the crowdcut vt. 剪下,切下 cut-cut-cut短语:cut down 砍树 cut out 剪下 cut into 切成…… cut in 打断,插嘴cut...short 缩短Ddaily adj. 日常的 daily life 日常生活同类单词:weekly yearly monthlydanger n. 危险短语:in danger 陷入危险 out of danger 脱离危险变形:dangerous adj. 危险的deal n. 许多短语:a great deal of 大量的,只能加不行数名词辨析:a great number of 大量的,只能加可数名词vi. 处置惩罚短语:deal with 处置惩罚句型:how to deal with sth.=what to do with sth.decide vt. 决议短语:decide to do 决议做某事变形:decision n. 决议(可数)deep adj. 深的adv. 深地(形象的,看得出的深) walk deep into the city辨析:deeply adv. 深深地(水平上的) influence sb. Deeplydepend on 依靠,取决于(注意没有被动语态)如:The result depends on your attitude.句型:It depends. 看吧,待决议。如:-Will you come tonight.-It depends. If he comes, I will come to.辨析:It’s up to you. 取决于你。


-Will you come tonight.-It’s up to you. If you come, I will come to.develop vt. 生长,形成短语:develop a habit变形:developed adj. 蓬勃的 less developed countriesdeveloping adj. 生长中的 developing countriesdevelopment n. 生长devote vt. 把……孝敬于句型:devote ... to sth./doing sth. 把……孝敬于……devote oneself to doing 致力于做某事dictionary n. 字典短语:look up the word in the dictionary 在字典里查这个单词die vi. 死短语:die of 死于(疾病) die from 死于(天灾人祸)延续性状态 be dead变形:dead adj. death n. dying adj. 奄奄一息的different adj. 差别的句型:be different from 与……差别变形:differently adv. 差别地 difference n. 差别点(可数)difference句型:make a difference to 对……有影响,有作用difficulty n. 难题句型:have difficulty/trouble/problems (in) doing sth. 做某事有难题have difficulty/trouble/problems with sth. 在……方面有难题。注意叹息句:What difficulty I have doing变形:difficult adj. 难题的direct adj. 直接的 take a direct flight变形:indirect adj. 间接的 directly adv. 直接地vt. 执导变形:director 导演discover vt. 发现,觉察辨析:find 找到(已知的已存在的) find out 查明事情真相discover 发现(未知的已存在的工具) invent 发现(不存在的工具)如:find my way find out the murdererdiscover electricity invent the lights变形:discovery n. 发现(可数)discuss vt. 讨论discuss sth. with sb. 和某人讨论某事变形:discussion n. 讨论divide vt. 分,离开短语:divide....into.... 把……分成 (注意被动 sth. be divided into....)变形:dividing line 分界线doubt vt. 怀疑句型:I doubt + 疑问句式的宾语从句。

I never doubt + that从句There is no doubt + that从句dream n. 梦v. 做梦短语:dream of/about 梦想dress vi.&vt. 穿着,穿衣短语:dress up 乔装妆扮 dress up as a ghostdress sb. 给某人穿衣服 sb. be dressed in + 衣服 某人穿着……(衣服)辨析:dress + 人wear + 衣服= be dressed in=be in 表现穿着put on +衣服 表现穿上,一般用于祈使句:Put on your coat. It is cold outside.in+衣服 穿着,表现状态 You look nice in blue.= Blue looks nice on you.drive vt. 驾驶 drive sb. to sp. 开车送某人去某地vt. 驱使 drive sb. mad 把某人逼疯(注意被动 sb. be driven mad)dry adj. 干的vt. 弄干变形:dried adj. dried food 干粮during prep. 在……期间during one’s stay at/in sp. 在某人待在某地期间 during my stay thereduring the past/last few years 近几年来(现在完成时标志词)辨析:while 在……期间 while+从句 during+名词短语while I stayed there=during my stay thereEeach pron. 每个,每件用法:each + 名词单数(作主语看作三单):Each student has a notebook.each of + the 名词复数(作主语看作三单):Each of the students has a notebook.放在主语后,做同位语(不作三单):The students each have a notebook.辨析:every区别:1) every 不能放of前,但可以用every one of2) every一定要表现规模在三者及以上中的每一个,而each可以表现两者中的每一个There are many trees on each side of the road. (不能用every)3) each强调个体,every强调整体。Each of the students __________ hard on ___________ lessons.A. works; their B. works; his C. work; their D. work; hiseducation n. 教育短语:basic education基础教育 further education 深造effort n. 努力(可数)精神(不行数)句型:put one’s effort into doing 竭尽全力做某事either pron. 两者中任意一个either + 名词单数:either side of the roadeither of: Either of the twins is going to Nanjing. (谓语用三单)conj. Either....or.....(谓语动词就近原则)adv. 也不(用于否认句)I can’t swim. He can’t either.electronic adj. 电子的else adv. 另外,其他用法:1) 放在疑问词后面:what else 另有什么 who else 另有谁2) 放在复合不定代词前:something else 另有此外什么 nothing else 没有此外考点:其他某人的 someone else’s辨析:other 其他的 other + 名词复数 else 后面不能加名词复数empty adj. 空的end n. 末端in the end=at last=finally at the end of .... 在……的末端vi. 竣事 (延续性动词为be over)变形:endless adj. 无止境的energy n. 精神(不行数)变形:energetic adj. 精神充沛的enough adv. 足够的短语:enough + n. adj. + enough (只能用原级)句型:enough + n./adj. + enough + to do相关句型:too....to.....太……而不能So...that...../such.....that..... 如此……以至于……enter vt. 进入考点:enter和into不能共用 enter the room=go into the roomenvironment n. 情况especially adv. 尤其辨析:specially adv. 专门Europe n. 欧洲变形:European n. 欧洲人 (考点:a European)everybody 每小我私家 everyone 每小我私家 everything 每个工具,每件事情everywhere 随处复合不定代词:1) 看做三单 2) 形容词放在后面3) 可以把else放在后面表现其他……强调所有,缺一不行:Everything is ready. 一切都准备好了。I don’t think everyone can answer it. 我不认为所有人都市做。(部门否认)Is everyone here? 大家都到了吗?exactly adv. 确切地,准确地What do you mean exactly?adv. 正是如此---Is the man under the tree your father? ---Exactly.excellent adj. 良好的,精彩的excited adj. 感应激动的短语:be excited about辨析:exciting adj. 令人激动的 excitedly adv. 激动地注意:voice, look, feeling这样的名词虽然不是人,但也是表达人自身的情感,要用excited修饰。

如:There is an excited look on his face.expect vt. 期待except sb. to do sth.辨析:look forward to doing sth.experience n. 履历(可数) 履历(不行数)a teacher with full experience an awful experienceexplain vt. 解释explain sth. to sb. 向某人解释某事explore vt. 探索变形:explorer n. 探索者express vt. 表达变形:expression n. 心情,表达extra adj. 分外的Ffail vi. & vt. 失败fail to do 做某事失败变形:failure n. 失败fall vi. 掉落fall over 摔倒 fall down 掉下来 fall off/fall from + 所在 从……掉下来fall asleep 睡着 fall in love with sb. 爱上某人 fall behind 落伍变形:fall-fell-fallenfamous adj. 着名的,著名的短语:be famous for 因……着名 be famous as 作为……着名fear n. 畏惧,恐惧 in fear介词+名词相当于副词:with joy with excitementfeel lv. & vt. 感受到短语:feel well 身体好 feel sleepy 感应困倦变形:feelingfew pron. 不多的,少数的用法:后面加可数名词复数 few表现险些没有 a few表现另有一些辨析:little 表现险些没有,后加不行数名词a little 表现有些,加不行数名词; a little 也可以表现一个小,加可数名词单数如:There is a little water in the cup. There is a little boy at the school gate.a bit表现有点儿,加形容词或副词=a little bita bit of表现一点儿,加不行数名词牢固短语:very few/little only a few/a little 只有一点点quite a few/a little 有相当多fight vt. 接触 fight-fought-foughtfight sb. fight for sth. 为……打架,抗争n. 接触 a snowball fight 打雪仗变形:fighter n. 战斗者fill vt. 装满fill... with .... 用……装满……be filled with= be full of 充满final adj. 最后的 final appearance n. 决赛 in the final变形:finally=in the end=at lastfirst adv. 首先短语和句型:do sth. first 先做某事 first do sth.=do sth. for the first time 第一次做某事at first=in the beginning 起初 first of all=above all 首要的是the first to do 第一个做某事It is the first time that sb. have/has done sth. (从句要用现在完成时)辨析:the + 序数词 表特指,事情已做过;a + 序数词表泛指,事情还没做过。如:This is the second bike that I have bought. I want to buy a third one.fit adj. 适合的 be fit forvt. 合身 sth. fit sb. very well辨析:fit指巨细上合适 suit强调适合,指颜色,名目等 match是物与物是否搭配,或者人与人在某种能力上是否可匹敌force vt. 欺压force sb. to do sth. (注意被动 sb. be forced to do)foreign adj. 外国的 foreign languages 外语 foreign countries 外国变形:foreigner n. 外国人forget vt. 忘记短语:forget to do 忘记去做某事 forget doing 忘记做过某事变形:forgetful adj. 忘记的form vt. 形成 (注意被动语态)n. 表格,形式 in the form of 以……的形式free adj. 自由的,空闲的,免费的。



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